The sensibility towards all forms of art expression has been a constant inspiration for the Colombian designer. Maria Elena Villamil has worked her brand for more than 25 years, consolidating herself as one of the best fashion designers in the country.

Her personal signature is reflected through the harmony and synchrony of her unique combinations that explore the mixture of textures, the handmade fabrics and the asymmetrically cut silhouettes, generating volumes and arquitectural lines that sign her artwork.

Her fashion statement is aimed towards a contemporary woman, who wears timeless garments, looking for a perfect combination of comfort, versatility and sophistication. The designer seeks to reflect the femininity, gracefulness and freedom of movement through all of her designs. “The outside image is the reflection of the inside of every woman”

In search of a way to contribute the building of social consciousness, Maria Elena Villamil has participated in consecutive years in the global crusade of early detection for breast cancer. She supports initiatives such as “Modo Rosa” and through the donation of her work to fundraise for AMESE Association.

Maria Elena Villamil works with her mother, who has been her right hand and big support throughout her career. At her atelier in Cali she works hand in hand with 40 collaborators, most of them mothers which are head of families.